Travel through Malaysia’s past to the present. Experience the richness and grandeur of Malaysia’s cultural heritage. Indulge in Malaysia’s exquisite and breathtaking wonders of nature.


Malaysia… The perfect gateway to the east’s cultural diversity.

-- Eat Pray Love Tour Eat Pray --

A Pair of Feet and a Bite to Eat.

MH 002

Malaysia’s multicultural diversity is heavily reflected by its cuisine and cultural traditions. Walk your way through the quaint backstreets of Kuala Lumpur for delectable local treats – from ethnic eateries to specialty food shops – as well as the hidden gems of the old city for a glimpse of its history, architecture, and entertainment offerings. Culture fest: guaranteed!

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-- The Royal Heritage Tour --

Places and Palaces, In All Their Royal Glory.

MH 003

Link the past with the present, and, perhaps, perceive Malaysia’s future by taking a trip down the “royal” lane. See more of the historical places that stand side by side with historic palaces! Make a map out of these regal structures and let it take you back to its colonial era and independence day. Let their fa?ade tell you stories and weave them into vibrant patchworks of travel memories.

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-- Selangor Culture and Natural Heritage Tour --

Eco Tour Malaysia

MH 004

Home to the vast hectares of scenic tropical forests, Malaysia is especially perfect for travelers who wish to delight in the sweet escape offered by its natural splendor. Walk through the lofty and lush trees, with the birds’ chirps as your guide; trudge the path to the limestone cave temples; and brave the 300m treetop canopy walkway with superhero might

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-- Discover Eco, Cultural --

A Forest to Explore

MH 005

It is imperative that tourists get hours of downtime when traveling. And while wandering around the woods is physically challenging, the picturesque sight of the forest will sure make one sit back for a while to relax and relish its wonders. This tour guarantees quiet for the mind and rest for the tired pairs of feet.

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-- UNESCO's Historic City: Malacca --

A Trip Down the Narrow Streets of Malacca

MH 006

A city that mixes the old with the new, this small slice of Malaysia prides itself on the big historical quests it can offer. Exquisite modern establishments stand alongside old shops and small outfits. Heritage sites in the colonial section of Malacca trigger tourists to relive the past. Teeming with medieval charisma, and packed with museums and other cultural spots- Malacca sure makes one great recipe for one rewarding tourist experience!

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-- Discover Treasure: Crab Island --

A Mangrove Floating Village

MH 007

Hark the pleas of the seas and respond to them with this tour! Catch a glimpse of the ways in which Chinese fishermen live; bear appreciation for the mangroves and the conservation necessary to Malaysia’s flora and fauna; and get right on a fail-safe seafood adventure with fellow sea-loving travelers.

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