Who we are

We're different. We're guides
with a mission. We're passionate about the rich and colorful culture of Malaysia and we're dedicated to preserving our living heritage in a rapidly changing society. Our goal is to share our knowledge, to communicate our excitement, to raise awareness and inspire others to do the same. We're proud of our multi-cultural, multi-faceted history, and we're eager to tell you the stories, show you the places, and allow you to discover the sights, tastes, smells and sounds of Malaysia.

What We Do

The most direct way we share these things with you is through our tours. Whether it's in the wilderness of Perak or in the historic sites of Malacca and Penang, whether it's on a walking tour through Kuala Lumpur or during a stay in a traditional fishing village, we want to give you the opportunity to appreciate unspoiled nature, preserved architecture, traditional foods, and the living trades, beliefs and customs of the people who live in the places we visit. We hope that you'll learn something new, and that you'll have a bit of an adventure doing so.

What we Believe In

We support locals and their businesses, defend the environment and help maintain and restore historical sites.


Our Core Values

At the very core of our values is you. We want to inform you and show you things that you might not notice otherwise.We want you to enjoy your time with us and feel satisfied with the experience. Our tours aren't lectures; they're an exchange of ideas. As we're constantly learning and growing too, we value your questions, opinions and input. We do our best to be friendly, considerate, helpful and fair with everyone. We like to say that we are PROACTIVE :

P - punctual
R - responsible
O - organized
A - attentive
C - courteous
T - tolerant
I  - innovative
V - versatile
E - energetic

The Founder

Erina Loo has over twenty years' experience as a licensed tourist guide in Malaysia. She is a well-respected instructor, providing vocational training for youths as well as specialized training for other guides. She is the founder of the Malaysian Women Tourist Guide Association (MWTGA) and of the HOPE Foundation for the preservation of Malaysian heritage. In 2010, she founded Be Tourist and began promoting heritage tours around Malaysia.