Be Tourist Team, always wish to share our love and passion to what we are doing.

We might not get full support but what we required understanding .

MH002 Eat , Pray and Love is not about just food, not about history from Wikipedia, not about what Tourist interest, Is about the Awareness, protection, challenges of the living heritage, understanding the structure of early development of Kuala Lumpur, enhancement of act, values .

6000 over Licensed travel agents we are not here to compete with any. We just promoting our way of tourism should be-Responsibilities.

If money is the only way to value. Out there you may find many operators and service provider ( Legal or illegal ,Licensed and unlicensed.)

When we choose to start the journey , we expect not easy , we expect challenges , we expect criticizing .

To achieve No 1 things to do at TripAdvisor. Thanks for those thoughtful traveler who support us to breath the way we are. Because of you we will not give out the hope. We will continue to achieve our goal.

No body can do it all. So we all need do it a little. Be Tourist Team spirit of preservation and conservation also looking forward the sustainable of Malaysia Heritage.

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