WHY? Eat, Pray, Love.

Once again to share with you my point of view our tourism, products, market and HR : Tourist Guide.

Count down of 2 years old for Malaysia Heritage walk. I still remember 4th of October 2010 1030am standing in front of the Central Market entrance 1888. Andrew from Arch CEO , copyrighter from Time Out KL.Not forget Central Market management allow us to use their entrance as a meeting point. I still recall I mentioned do not know how far we can go and sustained.

Today we have the center at Central Market Annexe just behind the main building at Level M.
BASE on the feedback from tourist we created own product EAT ,PRAY AND LOVE .

We believe through EAT : as part of the understanding local cultural and the activity may help the street food and passion owner to keep the origin.

We believe through PRAY : The oldest religion places play an important role to sustain individual cultural practice and make the modern world to have hands on experience the traditional ,custom and unity through understanding.

We believe the local strength with the insight stories able to win your heart ,
plant a seed of LOVE towards the city.

Be tourist believe provide assistance and promote local Eco tourism and villagers to sustain their cultural and environment .
Be Tourist always wish through Malaysia Heritage we can create awareness and promote preservation and conservation to our community and environment .

From the passion we show our love to the Country --Malaysia. Be tourist like to thank Tourist all over the world you make us keep going and sustainable.

We like to thanks to all the guides have been contribute their time and efforts to keep the spirit going on.

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